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Posted by: Walt Disney Jun 4 2012, 08:42 PM

"there are a few provisos, a couple of quid pro quos"

This board was created to give a fun, friendly, laid-back home to those who LOVE all things Disney. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, or young at heart - this is a place you can call home, where you can mingle with others just like you! All discussions Disney are allowed here, whether they are about the movies, characters, parks, or songs. But of course, every messageboard needs a few rules, and here are ours:
  1. Obviously, this being a Disney board, discussion should be family-oriented and suitable for a child's viewing. All topics are welcome as long as they are posted in the appropriate sections of the site. Any religion, politics and rumor threads will be watched/supervised, and will be removed if necessary. If you're not sure whether a discussion will be appropriate for the board, or aren't sure where to put it, PM a staff member and they will help you. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry!
  2. Racist/rude/cruel remarks are of course, not allowed here. We are a family, and we will respect each other. Bashing of other members will NOT be tolerated, and it will be dealt with if it occurs.
  3. SHOUTING (or talking in capitals) is not tolerated either. It makes text very hard to read. Of course, when shouting is necessary (ie: when something exciting happens!) it's welcome. But please do not write WHOLE posts in caps. (You can also emphasize words with it, as I've done.) In other words: just use proper grammar and writing techniques. ;)
  4. No double-posting. If you have forgotten to add something to a post, you can click the edit button on your last post to add it in. But if you were the last person who posted in the thread, don't post again unless you are bumping. If a thread hasn't been posted in for quite awhile, and you have something to add to it (or if it's your own graphics/art thread), you're more than welcome to give it a bump.
  5. Please don't make your signatures TOO big/flashy! We do not have a size limit as of right now, but if things get too out of control, we will have to set one. All we ask is that they do not go over 500 width, so they do not stretch the board layout!
  6. Again, respect your fellow members! This should be easy. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Don't name-call. Be respectful. If you ever have a problem with someone, don't duke it out on the boards. Contact a moderator or staff member, or else talk to that person (calmly!) in a PM.
  7. KEEP THE MAGIC. This one should be obvious.

Please use common sense when posting on this board. I do believe that you really ought to know what you should and shouldn't post here. You've all been on messageboards before, and you know how to behave properly on the internet. We want everyone to have fun, but we don't want things out of hand here either. If you have a problem with anything, please contact one of the staff members. We will be more than happy to assist you, as it IS our job and our pleasure to do so. ;)

Enjoy Mouse Ears!

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