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 up to the test when things go {wrong}!, with doodle vi!
Dust Keeper Girl
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 01:50 PM
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When the sun sets on the city of Paris, Terence Mullins retires to his chambers to dutifully finish his homework, practice his piano, and go to bed. When the moon rises, so does the superhero Chat Noir, who can be spotted sneaking out of Terence's second-story window if one knows to look.

It had only been a year since his Miraculous had revealed itself to Terence, gifting him with the powers to fight Hawk Moth as the villain akumatized civilian after civilian, but the teen felt like he'd been juggling his two lives for years. As his lady insisted, no one could know who wore the masks of France's saviors Ladybug and Chat Noir, so Terence had grown adept at keeping the secret from his bodyguards, school friends, and, most importantly, his father.

He'd grown adept at keeping many secrets from his father, actually: though Terence loved his father, the man had been ridiculously overprotective of a teenage boy who's greatest threat was paparazzi snapping an unflattering candid of him. He had to prepare a twenty-five slide PowerPoint just to convince him he should go to public school this past year ̶ 'It'll improve my ability to model school photo shoots if I have firsthand experience!' 'It'll be good publicity for the Mullins company!' 'I won't have to cut back on my piano lessons at all, see this time table I made to prove it?' If he knew that Terence was jumping across the rooftops of Paris fighting giant gorillas and robots, forget being able to go to school: he'd never be let out of his bedroom again!

He'd still find a way, though, even if it came to that. Nothing could ever keep him away from Ladybug.

His cheeks warmed at the thought. All his life, he'd been the model son, no pun intended. Ever since his mom died, he'd been raised on the idea that rules were important, that there was a line he couldn't cross if he wanted to lead a successful and safe life. He'd been walking on eggshells for years, not wanting to upset his heartbroken father any more than he already was after losing his mother. Then he discovered his Miraculous. Now, he had actual superpowers he could use to help people, to prevent another family from losing a mom. He learned that taking risks and breaking the rules to help other people was more important than being the perfect son or student. And it was all thanks to the brave girl he watched swing around the Eiffel Tower and save an innocent person's life.

Ladybug was fearless. She was brave, kind, and quick on her feet. She was everything Terence wanted to be and more. She was his guiding compass in everyday life.

And, okay, maybe he wasn't as bold and daring as he could be in his civilian life. When he wasn't sneaking off to transform into Chat Noir, he still did his best to please his father in his studies and extracurricular activities. There was always the possibility that Father could take him out of school at any time. He couldn't slip up in any area of his life, just in case it seemed like this relatively-normal teenage life was messing up his model career. But he liked to think his time as a superhero made him a better person, especially spending it fighting alongside Ladybug.

As Chat Noir's legs dangled over the edge of the rooftop of a bakery, he wondered, as he always did, just who the lady behind the Ladybug mask was. He knew they were around the same age: were they in the same school? The same classes? Had they ever met in their civilian appearances? Would he ever find out?

He wondered what it would take to convince Ladybug it wasn't a terrible idea. If only the two of them knew who they were, how much of a problem could that be? They'd be able to meet up more ̶ for superhero stuff, of course. They could work on their moves together, have better communication in and outside of battle, and… well, they could be better friends. Maybe if he promised not to make things too weird ̶ he never exactly tried to hide how he felt about her. Maybe his playful flirting as Chat Noir would make her uncomfortable in everyday life, but he could be less weird! About his feelings for her, at least. He could be his usual Terence Mullins self, who wouldn't dare try flirting with a girl without a mask on. He would try, at least, for her. No matter who she really was.

With a sigh, he sat and waited for his partner to show up to their nightly patrol.

(OOC: i spent way too long on that manip and that is part of the reason this is so late and i am sorry)
doodle vi
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 09:56 PM
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Tucking away her finished schoolwork for the day, Anna would also tuck away the clumsy, tongue-tied, red-cheeked Anna Andersen from earlier today. The one who had bumped into Terence Mullins and accidentally called him gorgeous TWO TIMES–first in saying “how’s it gorgeous” instead of “going,” then repeating the mistake when trying to fix it before Olaf could provide a distraction. That girl was now long gone (till her next encounter with the teen model, at least) and she could finally become Ladybug, a hero of France.

Anna never could have dreamed of the change that would happen to her in the course of a day when Tikki came and told her she was chosen. At the time, it just hadn’t seemed…right. Ever since she was a little girl, she couldn’t help but feel a bit superfluous. It was an inevitable side effect when one grew up with an incredible older sister whose talents ranged from everything from academics to art (and pretty much everything else under the sun, putting Anna in the biggest, darkest shadow). Elsa was the heir to the Andersen conglomerate, and while Anna couldn’t have been prouder of all her sister’s amazing accomplishments, she started to question her own place in the universe. When their parents passed away and she and Elsa were left to the care of their Aunt Gerda and Uncle Kai, Anna tried to help out with the business, wanting to help continue the legacy and honor her parents’ memory…but wanting wasn’t sufficient enough. The company just didn’t need her.

Thankfully, it seemed like Paris did.

As Ladybug, Anna was no longer just the spare to the Andersen name, the second sister who was somehow always getting herself into trouble and caught stuttering in front of Terence Mullins. She could transform and become someone special, heroic even. She could make a difference for once. Purifying Hawk Moth and Stoneheart’s akumas with Chat Noir and making that promise at the Eiffel Tower that day had given Anna more hope, more JOY than she could remember since the days of her childhood.

(…and maaaaybe that day when Terence had shared his umbrella with her.)

Not that she had a tragic life before becoming Ladybug, of course, Anna loved going to class and helping out at her aunt and uncle’s bakery. Helping keep an eye over Paris at night (though usually, unfortunately, during the daylight and school hours) was just the icing-honor on the cake. While seeing Terence at school earlier meant the highlight of her day had most likely already happened, Anna knew she’d still enjoy the time spent with Chat Noir tonight. True, he could make the cheesiest jokes sometimes–even when they were in the middle of battle–but she really couldn’t have asked for a better partner to fight crime with. His enthusiastic spirit amidst the worst of it was infallible. Even after enduring a fight with an akumatized victim and spending hours brainstorming and brawling, Anna could still go home feeling motivated after working together–his cheer and confidence was simply contagious. She was generally an optimistic person on the day-to-day already, but having a teammate like Chat Noir in times of stress (and occasionally doubt) certainly helped.

Tonight, after double-checking to make sure Gerda and Kai were still sound asleep, Anna soon slipped out of the apartment to bound over buildings to the meeting spot. The feel of the cool night wind against skin already burning with excitement drove her footsteps faster over brick and stone as she passed over the world below. She scanned the streets as she went, surveying for any signs of danger, but all seemed quiet so far on this Parisian night.

Anna brightened quickly after soon spotting Chat Noir’s familiar silhouette above the bakery, the black and blonde glistering in dim city lights against the dark dappled skyline. Vaulting across the last structure to reach him, she landed beside her partner, grin evident even in the warmth of her words.

“Hey kitty.”

Anna dropped to sit next to Chat Noir, holding up a small plastic bag of her uncle’s home (and bakery-)made chocolate chip cookies, one of her favorites. “Want a quick snack before we start?” She would’ve brought her family’s famous krumkake, but considering how her aunt and uncle ran the only Norwegian bakery within the vicinity…it might’ve been a little too telling. Her time juggling a secret identity had taught her a bit about caution when it came to the small things. “I figured we could use an extra boost of energy.” A two minute break before patrolling couldn’t hurt! Or they could eat while observing too, Anna was flexible (especially when it came to anything involving chocolate).

(OOC: NO WORRIES i love it laksjdf lol so cute. loving this au. )


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