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Posted by: Walt Disney Mar 5 2015, 10:44 AM
Those of you familiar with xbox or Playstation are probably aware of the Achievements mode on most compatible video games. These give a little extra something for you to do while playing the game, and are fun to work towards, complete, and collect. Here at Mouse Ears, we've decided to finally do something with the awards system made available by our board host, and start up some Achievements of our own.

You may have noticed our slow roll-out of these already; under your icon/avatar, some of you may have an achievement already. You will now be able to collect achievement awards by... well... achieving goals! The majority of these goals will have to do with simple participation around the board. So basically: you do what you do around the board? You earn an achievement for it!

Here are some quick things to note!
  • Some of the Achievements, such as the 1K Posts, involve reaching a certain post number. We want QUALITY posts. Please do not spam-post with one word/off topic posts just to build up to this award. We want to see quality posts, same as always. And any posts that we do see of this nature will be removed from your post count.

  • The list of Achievements will always be growing! So make sure you check back frequently to see what you can earn!

  • For challenges, there will be a different achievement for each completed challenge. The achievement icon itself may look similar, but you can always mouse over an achievement for the full name/details.

  • Only a few achievements will show beneath your icon. To view a full list, go to your profile, and click the 'Awards' link!

  • If you think we've missed giving you an Achievement, please let us know! We don't mean to, but there are a LOT of members, and a LOT of Achievements. Something might slip by us!
SO. Without further to do, here is the list!

user posted image "I've Made 1000 Posts!"
user posted image "I Have A MouseNet Thread!"
"House Of The Year 2015"
"I've Been A Member For _ Year(s)!"

Each challenge will be it's own achievement. There will be some way to tell them apart. (Color, Name, etc.)

"I Completed An Art/Graphic Challenge!"
"I Completed A Writing Challenge!"
user posted image "I Completed A Photo Challenge!"
"I Completed My 51 Icon Challenge!"

You can find these challenges in The Imagineer Workshop area of the board!

coming soon!

user posted image "I'm A Fant Veteran!"
user posted image "I completed the 2015 Easter Egg Hunt!"

List last updated on March 5, 2015!

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