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Posted by: faya27 Feb 3 2014, 09:39 PM
Sometimes it is hard to read a fan fiction story that not only has good grammar/spelling but also is respectful to canon (or the people that originally created the story). With permission from Miss Mandz, I decided to open this thread, "Reccomended Disney fan fiction stories. If anybody finds a Disney fan fic they think someone would like, they can post it up here, too! If a fan fic has some mature content, be sure to add a warning sign.

Here are some good fan fics that I read and enjoyed.


SIlly to Worry:

A one-shot about Jasmine worrying about Aladdin's distant behavior. I thought it was really well-written and also sweet!

Prince of Agrabah:

Another Aladdin/Jasmine one-shot where Aladdin opens up to Jasmine a bit about his childhood.

The Little Mermaid

Many endings:

Talks about how the mermaid from HCS' version, sees the ending she could have had from the Disney version.

Eric's Promise:

A one-shot featuring Eric and baby Melody. I thought this story was sooooo adorable! It was really nice to see Eric's fatherly side. ^_^

One Year Later:

A year later after the 1989 film, Eric celebrates his birthday on the ship, only this time with Ariel, too! A very cute story with Ariel/Eric moments!

Just Like Me:

A different but still romantic shot of how Eric and Ariel meeting each other.

Where I Belong:

A different take on the Little Mermaid story of how Ariel and Eric met. Still romantic and adventurous.

Felt Instead of Heard:

This is for people who are fans of the Little Mermaid musical. (Warning! Contains major spoilers!)

Robin Hood

Tales of Maid Marian:

Story talks about Maid Marian's background and some moments between her and her friends that were never seen in the movie. A good read for anyone who is a fan of Robin Hood!

Mickey and Friends

Pirates Versus Pirates:

If you love pirates, sailors, and...mice (oh yeah! Mickey and Minnie!) then you'll love this! It is very well-written and the characters are developed very well. It is complex but it is still easy to read so that is good! It also has an art group for it at DeviantArt!

Back to the Nest:

Huey, Dewey, and Louie, along with their Uncle Donald and Aunt Daisy unexpectedly reunite with the boys' long-lost mother. How will the boys react?



What was Megara's life before she met Hercules? Read the story and find out!

The Great Mouse Detective

Detectives Don't Dance:

Basil and Dawson attend a Valentine's Day party to investigate on a case. Basil faces his greatest dilemma: dancing!

Very fun and adventurous! Also includes fun friendship moments between Basil and Olivia and Basil and Dawson.

Bright and Alert as Always:

Professor Ratigan is discussing his next plan with Fidget...who just wants to sleep!



Robert asking Giselle why did she bit the apple if she knew it was poisoined. Robert/Giselle fluff for Enchanted fans!

the Hunchback of Notre Dame

A Small Gold Hoop:

Clopin and Esmeralda decide to make Phoebus into a gypsy. How would they do that? Read this funny story and find out!

The Lion King

Behind the Lion King:

How did Simba and Nala meet? Why was Scar always jealous? What was life for Pridelanders during Scar's reign? A must-read for TLK fans!


Shang vs the Law:

See what was Shang thinking after finding out Mulan's true identity. A great rid for Mulan fans!



A look inside the Queen's mind. I thought the story did a great job explaining what the Queen when she and her husband saw Rapunzel. And the writer also explained how they accepted Rapunzel despite not having blonde hair anymore.

Lady and the Tramp

Spring Days and Puppy Hearts:

A slight AU take on how Lady met and fell in love with Tramp. Very well-written and sweet!

Posted by: Dust Keeper Girl Feb 5 2014, 02:18 PM
Toy Story by Blackwolf-20

Okay okay I've been waiting to be able to recommend this fanfic actually because it's one of my all-time faves.

Basically, Andy is a young teen now and worries about Molly growing up too fast. He accepts a toy from the creepy man in the neighborhood despite having a bad feeling because he's hoping Molly will play with it. Instead it shrinks him down to toy size and Woody and the rest of his toys have to reveal themselves to help him. The relationship between Andy and the toys is so interesting and it reads like a fourth installment to the films it so good. I bawled several times during this. Seriously read it. <3

Posted by: Asj Feb 7 2014, 12:40 PM
Here's some fics I think are good. ^_^
(sorry about the change in formatting... I couldn't figure out how to get it to look right otherwise)

It's a oneshot, though a bit on the long side. It takes place just after Monastario is arrested. It's episode-like. Or, between-episodes-like.
It's not finished, and it's technically a sequel, but I like it. Monastario gets kidnapped, and Zorro helps him. The two have to work together. (hm, I suppose it's a bit violent)

An episode-like little fic. Jafar's back, and he wants to take over the Land of the Black Sand. And afterwards, Agrabah.

These ones deal with the 3rd Aladdin movie and Mozenrath. They're not canon, but I like them. ^_^" Two of them aren't finished yet, but are close. (this one takes place quite a bit after the movie)

Posted by: faya27 Feb 18 2014, 11:29 PM
I found two Disney fan docs both written by the same author whom I recently met through


Naveen's Serenata by TPATFan16

Naveen serenades a song to Tiana. Can he do it before the neighbors call the cops on him? Very romantic and funny!


Flynn's Serenata by TPATFan16

Flynn serenades Rapunzel with a love song. Can he do it before the guards catch him? Very romantic and funny!

Posted by: Savannah Mar 4 2014, 03:07 PM
Glad someone started this thread! My personal favorites, both oneshots:

Cinderella: by alice
Once, Cinderella had the whole world in her head, and she means to get it back.

Incredible Cinderella(/Charming) fic with lots of allusions to other Disney movies. It's really a must-read; it just adds so many dimensions to the original story.

Princess and the Frog: by paranoiac
Tiana's first royal ball turns out to be something of a disaster, what with the prince being kidnapped and all. Luckily, she's got back-up.

Really solid Tiana/Belle/Mulan team-up with canon pairings on the side. This one is teen and up, though, for the kidnapping, graphic violence, and a sexual reference.

Posted by: faya27 Apr 1 2017, 02:28 AM
Okay, I am back! Amd with more Disney fanfic recommendations! All of them are from my new favorite Disney movie, Zootopia! Tra-la-laaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Through Waves and Shadows:
This sotry is an AU take on the Little Mermaid retold with Zootopia characters. Two couples fill in the role of Ariel/Eric which are Nick/Judy and an OC/OC couple from Oceantopi. Clawhauser was FlAounder, Cheif Bogo and Lionheart fill in for King Triton and Bellwether plays Ursula's role. Bellwether was meaner than she was in the film but she was made hat way Becaue Ursula was quite nasty. I like how it is creative in a way where it comes off as an oringally story but at the same time still has elemsts from the Little Mermaid in it.So if you love Zootopia and the Littler Mermaid, go and read it! Rated K+ Completed

Bunny and the Fox:
Another Zootopia story inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It is a great sotry because I like the way the author wrote the romance between Nick and Judy.myou can easily see the transition from how they be eom enemies to friends and finally to lovers. Sometimes the dialogue can be a bit stale or too much but it is still a good story to read if you love Disney. Rated K+ Completed

Something That Finds You:
The story is about Nick and Judy who were bethrothed to each other so there would be peace between predators and prey. Nick and Judy could not stand each other growing up which makes it hard for them to go through the marriage. Basically it is Sleeping Beauty meets the Swan Princess. Nick and Jusy were written in a way that made me feel sympathetic to them. I am not sure about Judy wanting to be a constable. Sure it fits well with her character but given the fairy tale world setting, I do not think it would be possible because I am not sure whether women were allowed to be constables in those old dark days or not. I am up for strong female characters but Inalso believe in making sure stories are accurate to real life-even if they were fairy tales. So far, aside from the historical inaccuracy, it has been a good story and I'm patiently waiting for the author to update. Rated K+ In-Progress

The Lucky Charm:
It is an AU take of Tangled retold with Zootopia. Instead of the magical golden hair that can heal you, Judy was born with the ability to bring good fortune to herself and those around her. It is amzing how much Judy and Nuck are like Rapunzel and Eugene! Rating K+ Completed

The Long Version:
There had been many stories of Nick meeting Judy's parents and her many, many siblings and cousins. What I like about this one is that Judy's parents are still written in character when they were feeling skeptical about Nick and the idea of him dating their daughter. Other stories make them go over dramatic but this one doesn't. Rated K Completed

The Funnies or Boxes? Diaries:
Judy and Nick are married and are expecting! But old enemies from Nick's past heard about this and the ZPD has to make sure that Nick and Judy are safe from them!
Rated T Completed Warning: Some references to sex, pregnancy, and birth.

One Hundred Percent:
Nick has lost three years of his life after being injured while on duty. Desperately trying to remember, he wonders why everybody seems to be hiding something from him.
Rating M Completed. Warning: Has some sex scenes (don't worry, Nick and Judy are married) intense emotional images, a bar scene (okay, nothing really happened there. Nick tried to flirt with some vixen but quckly lost interest because his strong feelings for Judy held him back) and other sexual content.

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